Special Chicken Grilled with Rica Spices

Chicken Grilled with Rica Spices - The dish recipe that made by chicken as main ingredients and so lot kind of food made by chicken. In Indonesia every region or province has its own traditional dish that made by chicken as main ingredients, and iconic as culinary dish of its region. Like the example is Ayam Cincane Recipe that is traditional recipe from Kalimantan. And usually the traditional dish made chicken became special dish recipe that can served by anytime. Just like in Central Java there is dish called Opor Ayam Kampung it can be served in celebrating day like Aidl Fitri together with lontong or ketupat.

Special Chicken Grilled with Rica Spices

This time Indonesian Recipes blog will served traditional dish recipe that made by chicken as main ingredients and can be served as dish in special day that is Chicken Grilled special with rica spices. In home usually we celebrate and join together on holiday like Indonesian’s independence days or Islamic new year 1st Muharram, People often ask me to help them and making recipe of chicken grilled with spice rica dish because they think its delicious.

A few times I tried to make this recipe with different recipe for take a look which one better, and in this blog is last recipe that I tried. Before I want to try the one not used coconut milk but I think like not yummy enough and a bit watery. So in this recipe will use coconut milk that grated not instant and the taste is different its more yummy and delicious and more fascinating to take a try. For anyone who wants to try this recipe, this is the produce how to make it.

Chicken Grilled with Rica Spices Recipe


• 2 of Chicken, cut according the preference
• 300 ml coconut milk
• 150 ml water
• 3 bars of lemon grass
• 7 page of kaffir lime leaf
• 1 tea spoon lime water
• 3cm of ginger, minced it
• Salt, to taste
• Flavoring, to taste
• Broth, to taste
• Cooking oil for fry

• 70 gr Chili
• 50 gr Cayenne
• 16 cloves of Onion
• 8 cloves Garlic
• 3cm Ginger

How to Make:
  1. Sauted the minced spices add lime grass, ginger, and kaffir lime leaf, stir until it smelled and add lime water and back stir it up.
  2. Add the chicken, add water and let until the broth well boiled ns well cooked, remove from pan and put it.
  3. Add coconut milk into the rica spices, stir it up until the broth is boiling and take the pan and put it.
  4. Grill the chicken and few times add with cooking oil and let it well cooked, then put it on plate.
  5. Serve the grilled chicken with coconut milk broth rica spices.

How a reader, easy isn’t to make Chicken Grilled with rica spices? Readers also can read another traditional recipe for another dish in blog Indonesian Recipe only in Cooking ID

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